Replacement Steps is the new standard in fiberglass stair systems. Designed for exterior stairs and utilized in the construction of new stairs, or the renovation of old stairways. Property managers, builders, contractors, engineers, and architects will appreciate the numerous advantages of Replacement Steps.
New Stair Technology for Renovation or New Construction Projects
The Replacement Steps Advantage
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"Right now, someone is getting ready to install an inferior exterior stairway product that is destined for premature failure." Don't make this mistake !!
Smart Enginneering for multi-housing stair projects, condo stairway replacement
Contributing factors making it necessary to replace exterior stairs can be climatic conditions such as cold or heat, rain, excessive sand or earth, along with chemicals such as high salt acidic air, use of de-icers, or scraping due to the elements. These factors, and others, greatly reduce the physical strength of the materials and they break down prematurely, each in their own way. Even in marginal climate areas, erosion, standing water, and general traffic, or abusive traffic is problematic. No matter what materials are used, whether it be diamond plate metal, solid concrete, concrete poured in metal pans, or wood, they will never reach a lifespan that justifies the cost. Replacement Steps are impervious to all these problems.

Safety of the stairway is a factor that comes into play with all existing forms of wood, concrete, concrete on metal pans, and metal, whether solid or perforated. Once damaged, even mildly, or aged-out, they can create stumble problems that can cause falls, along with the attendant insurance claims, as well as building code issues. Replacementsteps act as an extra shield against such problems.
Present exterior stair step designs are not aesthetically pleasing. Replacement Steps are most attractive, and will enhance the overall appearance of any structure! View available colors HERE
Longevity- Metal and/or concrete exterior stairway lifespan can be as little as 7 years.
Replacement Steps lifespan should be a minimum of 30+ years!
Strength- General building codes require step load capacity to be at the 600 lbs. per sq. mark. These ultra-sturdy steps have been engineered for superior strength. They have been tested and inspected. Replacementsteps weight bearing capacity exceeds 1500 lbs. per sq. foot!
Installation- The average time to replace metal, concrete in metal pans, or poured concrete* for a 13 to 14 riser stairway is a minimum of 9 to 10 hours. Due to this, another factor other than time and labor expense can come into play. In certain areas, there are laws and regulations that prohibit the closing down of stairways for more than a few hours. Note this! The time for demolition of an existing stairway of 13 to 14 risers, to the time of the completed Replacement Steps installation is less than 4 hours! This factor alone adds up to a tremendous saving of time and money.
*Certain places, due to terrain or other conditions, make it impossible for concete trucks to get to a site, or position themselves to pour their load. Note: Solid concrete cannot be used past 2 stories; wood past 3 stories.
Safety- Tripping problems are not a factor with Replacement Steps because they will not crack or scale. There is a built-in skid finish to protect tenant/guest pedestrians. This is the same skid protection used by the US NAVY on the decks of their aircraft carriers. The steps are interlocked as they are installed, and as such, act as a single unit from top to bottom, thereby creating a solid and stable base that negates movement under weight. Replacement Steps offers superb rigid stability!
This is a 6400 lb. Lincoln Navigator that has been driven onto two individual Replacementsteps. The steps are situated up on blocks at each end for an acute demonstration of their strength and resiliency. If this test was done with an average fatigued metal step, it would bend, and not come back to its original shape. A tested concrete step with a metal pan would have to be replaced. But, as shown in the photo on the right, the Replacementsteps step will not break, and snaps back to its original shape. Amazing!
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Cost- The initial cost of utilizing Replacement Steps as an alternative to conventional stairway construction or renovation is competitive, but, Replacement Steps have a longevity that exceeds, by several times, standard methods. Significant $$$ savings for the life of the property!!!
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*Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Replacement Steps booth at the Southeast Building Conference.

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All current forms of exterior stairs, once installed, are destined to become fatigued products, and have a short lifespan.

Experience the Beauty and Longevity of FIBERGLASS Stair Components.

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